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It seems that our little Island is getting a lot of business!

It seems that our little Island is getting a lot of national and worldwide attention. As we approach the summer, Key West is ranked the #6 summer destination. There was a time when we would see our businesses tail off in the summer. Looks like we have a lot to be optimistic about

Mark and I were discussing why there is so much traction to be down here. Obviously, the fact Florida is basically open and the people can be outside is a big help. But, we are more desirable that most other places in Florida, including Miami. We think , our business community did a pretty good job at being safe and open at the same time. It seems that our locals stepped up and have been really supportive of buying local.

It also seems that our community pulled together, as it always does. Look at the issues Miami is facing this month. It is, or there is enough of a perception that it is really chaotic up there and this City officials and businesses decided to close down and impose curfews. I have 2 friends that own businesses in Miami and said they are not making money and it is unsettling to see what is happening on the streets

Key West is packed right now most people are not complaining about not making money. It seems that the perception and reality of our community being a safe destination, has attracted tourists willing to spend money. Folks are still coming down to have a good time bar hopping, enjoying St Patrick’s Day and getting a little loose. But at the same time; it looks like money is spread out in many types of business establishments It appears tourists and locals are among it around town and experiencing a wider selection of our business community

Our Mayor, Commissioners and City Staff were forced to make many tough decisions this year. Not everyone agreed or was happy with all the decisions, but they are to be appreciated and respected for dealing with this unprecedented situation. One year later, look at where we are at, compared to other cities, in which the small business community has been decimated. As tough as it has been, we are open to do business and people are coming some thanks should be given to the Mayor and City as

We have a lot to be grateful for and a lot to look forward to

Best of success and Shop Mom and Pop!

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